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Salad Bar / Food Literacy Survey

Read each question carefully and answer as truthfully as possible.  Ask your teacher any questions you have as you proceed but do this survey by yourself.

salad bar survey​

We've taken so many steps forward.  Launch of Salad Bar was in late November with a free visit for staff, grade 6 & 7 students, next in early December we served all the gr 3-5 students, and finally on day later, we presented to our K - gr 2 students.  Our volunteers were amazing, and our students / staff enjoyed the new experience at Brooklyn.
Day one had disposable plates / cutlery, and by the second visit, our dishes and cutlery had arrived and the commercial dishwasher was ready to run.  The environment was happy!  After Christmas, when students could pre-order salad bar, our production was refined to welcome students with hygienic, food-safe reminders (sleeves pushed up, hair tied back, hands washed...)  Plate scrapings and prep scraps were collected and taken to Shamrock Farms for the animals to enjoy.  Salad Bar is not just healthy good food, is also a learning opportunity about food literacy and environmental practices.  We have big plans for year two!