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Counsellor's Corner



Brooklyn's school counsellor, Mrs. Tara Ryan, will be adding information to our website on a monthly basis about common topics that she addresses in her work with our students. 

June Counsellor's Corner - The Wall of Futility - sometimes our children need to sit in their discomfort and unfavourable emotions in order to fully realize what can / cannot be


​May Counsellor's Corner - Anger or Guilt? The classic result of an emotional conflict with another where one will feel anger and one will feel guilt.  A great list of supports in the Comox Valley, along with the prize winners from the mental wellness challenge are also listed



April Counsellor's Corner looks at a common challenge that most families with more than one child report - sibling squabbles.  The Mental Wellness challenge continues, too.



March Counsellor's Corner encourages parents to permit their children to be bored over spring break.  That and a contest to promote Mental Health Day are included.



February Counsellor's Corner addresses Friendships and dating with strategies for recognizing healthy vs unhealthy relationships 



January's counsellor's corner shares ideas how to de-personalize home behaviour and discipline / consequences.



December's notice talks about the teachable moment available with children once they are calm.



November's notice informs about ADHD and challenges readers to see students with ADHD differently 



October's notice addresses a common issue for today's children ... screen time.



September’s notice concentrates on back to school worries and anxiety and some ideas for how to reduce this stress in your child.