Winter Weather Q&A

Winter Weather info

Hello all,

Here is some information to answer some questions you may have following our recent weather oddities.

  • If the power goes out we do not close our school early.  At elementary school, parents know their children are safe, are supervised, so we will never send them home without your awareness.  Parents expect their child will be at the school from 8:40 until 2:30, so that is where we keep them (even if the power is out).
  • What doe we do at school when the weather is nasty outside?
    • We do expect our students to dress for the weather – Outside is where the supervision is (we do not have enough supervisors to offer an inside / outside option).
    • We do call “inside days” when the rain is relentless and heavy  - students stay in their classrooms and are supervised by the outside supervisors in / out of classrooms
    • We do thank families for sending an extra set of dry clothing to be kept in student lockers, particularly in the primary years as children often get wet in puddles or sliding on the wet field while playing, and this is an easy way we can help them stay comfortable (and not disturb you at work / home)
    • During the windy season, we have closed our new Outdoor Classroom a couple times – either for wild animal sighting reported, for dangerous hanging branches or Environment Canada wind warning.
  • What about the snow?
    • Snow is a fun toy!  We held a successful snowball throwing zone when the snow was fresh and light last year – a zone was clearly defined for those who wanted to play snowballs, and to protect those who did not.
    • building snowmen and snow sculptures is fun!  Gloves are apprecaited.
    • We do permit sliding down our back hills with sliders from home (as long as the snow covers the ground and is not too icy)
    • We do not permit throwing of ice or wet snow
    • Snow days happen – you will hear about these first on local radio (starting around 6:30am), the SD71 webpage, and the new attendance app.
    • if it starts to snow during the school day, children are safe at school, and will stay at school until dismissal time so parents know where to find them.  We do not dismiss early if it start to snow unless a parent makes personal arrangments.
  • The parking lot remains a busy zone, and is especially busy during wild weather.  Please slow down and proceed safely so no one is at risk.  The winter months are especially dark and dreary, so watch your speed and anticipate our youngsters bolting out as they make their way to school.
  • Hopefully this answers your questions.  Your children are safe at school until the end of the day.   If your family plans change for pick up due to the weather, please contact the office.

Thank you for the improved use of crosswalks in our parking lot!!!  Safety helps all!!