photo day & retakes, strong start and halloween

Photo Re-takes, Strong Start and Halloween

Photo Day – Mon., Nov 2( am).

  • First time orders - – Brooklyn code is QO020121Q0
  • Promo code : 10SCHOOL
  • Paper copies available in the office / day of if required
  • If you are seeking re-takes – bring back complete package and have another photo taken, and you will receive exactly the same package your ordered the first time with the new photo.

Strong Start …. Is back on. 


  • We are still holding a costume parade for students (sorry, we cannot invite parents inside or large groups outside) we will try to film / share but are still missing photo consent forms and worry about including someone who should not be photographed.
  • Please ask your child to leave special accessories and weapons at home
  • We will change out of costumes after the parade and bundle them back up for home return for a fantastic Hallowe’en evening on Oct 31 (send a change of clothes in a bag for the costume to go into)
  • Please minimize the number of treats that come to school next week – Thank you.

Attendance reminder

Safety Reminder

  • Thank you to all adults for minimizing your time and groupings while picking up / dropping off your children. Please ensure that a mask is worn while you are in the group waiting.

Have a super weekend!