theft from scooter cage this weekend

(sent by email to all 10.05.20)

Hello families

It took me most of today to realize that the scooter cage door was damaged for an apparent reason – we had a theft this weekend.  Students reported how the door wouldn't stay closed, so when I went to check it out I noticed a big void.  We lost half our wood delivered a week + a half ago for the gaga ball parent project, garden boxes and the outdoor classroom work.  All lumber was neatly stacked in two piles in the locked storage.  The door was damaged to gain entrance to the cage & remove the wood.

I am working with the PAC to determine what is missing.  I have made a report to the RCMP – File #2020-16292 was opened at 3:00pm this afternoon.


IF you hear of  or see any recently acquired lumber (2 x 12, 2 x 6  and 2 x 4 sizes - all 6-8' lengths), please advise me or follow up with the RCMP (file number above).  Yes, these are tough times for many, but stealing from children is despicable, to me.

Sorry to start your week on a grumble.