mid september notes and PHOTO DAY info

Hello families,

A couple time sensitive items and some info, too.


  • Sept 25 - Terry Fox Run – 11:00 – 11:45 – primary on field, intermediate in neighbourhood. Students will run with their cohorts. Volunteers are requested to help marshal corners / road crossing – contact Erica.black@sd71.bc.ca if you wish to help.  We request a Toonie for Terry to be brought to the office on Run day.
  • Sept 28 – Student Photo Day – Photographers are using an on-line ordering form and have a thorough safety plan for this event.  Questions – contact Erica.black@sd71.bc.ca

Hello Parents!

Picture Day is coming Monday, September 28 .

Order pictures on mylifetouch.ca  using this Picture Day ID QO020121Q0.


  • Sept 30 – Orange Shirt Day
  • Beach Day idea was cancelled due to smoke – we’ll try again another time.


  • School hours are 8:40 – 2:30 each day.  If you will arrive later than 8:40 or require pick up earlier, please contact he office to give us heads up so your child is not left outside without supervision – thank you.
  • Teachers are establishing new morning line up / pm dismissal routines.  You should be told where to meet in the am, and which door your children will exit from after school.  Please do not crowd around doorways so children can exit without a crowd.  Thank you.
  • Supplies – some classes are discovering items that should have been bulk ordered and were not – teachers may be requesting a few items.  Billing will come out later next week with the bulk purchase we arranged this year. We are in the process of arranging e-transfer service for this or credit card.  One of our office staff will also be at the front door to collect funds from you if required, too.
  • “I’m sick, or my child is sick … what do I do?” – if you are sick (adult) we hope you are staying home from work to get well.  If your child is well, please send him / her to school.  If your child is sick (coughing, fever, congestion for unknown reasons – not allergies) – please keep him / her home to get well.  Come back when he/she feels better.  Do not come to school sick.  Please reference section 4.5 on re-occupancy plan https://portal.sd71.bc.ca/group/m94prrh/Lists/SharedDocuments/COVID19%20School%20Reoccupancy%20Requirements%20and%20Protocols.pdf


Pick Up and Drop off – This still needs work

  • Congestion in our entrance way – we need your continued help.  The gatherings of parents / dogs / etc. are getting to be overwhelming for our students trying to leave / arrive.  Our parking lot is already congested with traffic and now the milling adults are further causing worries for students having to walk past the big groups.  Please … drop off needs to be less congested.  Do not clog up the playground entrance and bike area area. Please use the coned off no-parking zone if need be. 
  • Kindergarten needs: - please allow us space to pass along our newest learners to their parents at the end of the day.  The congestion is making it hard for the safe delivery of children to their parents.  This is the kindergarten teacher’s number one priority in this moment – like all families, please contact your teacher by phone or email if you have any specific questions requiring their complete attention.
  • Stop, Drop & Go – to keep the entranceway unobstructed, please do your drop off at the top of the driveway so cars can continue to flow off Guthrie Road.  If your child requires a longer drop off process, you must pull into a parking space so the cars behind you are not affected.


  • How can I get to know staff when I can’t come inside the school? – we have a plan to send out either photos or a short video to introduce ourselves.  You are welcome to email your teachers or write a note in the planner if you have any questions. Please also know that your teachers will each find their own creative ways of connecting with you and sharing what is going on.

New to Brooklyn this year – please welcome:

(watch for photos soon)

Ms. Carmichael – partner teacher in div 4

Mrs. Williamson – div 5 & 6 partner teacher

Ms. Appelbe – new Vice Principal and div 6 teacher

Ms. French – div 10 teacher

Ms. Taylor – newly hired teacher for div 12

Mr. Moore – div 16 teacher

Ms. Justine – EA

Ms. Danica – EA

Mrs. Jennifer McNab – front desk Admin Assistant

Mrs. Morgan McDonald – speech and language pathologist


Thank you again for helping us to settle back to school as safely as possible.  Have a wonderful weekend.