First week debrief message

(sent by email 09.06.19)

Welcome back! 

  • Many hours by many people were put into making balanced classes – thank you for starting the new year with a positive attitude and open mind.  Our teachers appreciate it! 
  • Parent communication help – please make sure your words in public (social media, parking lot chat, programs out of school...) are positive and not condescending toward our school or any people / programs within it – overheard conversations / viewed posts do come back to us. 
  • ROAD WORK UPDATE – we were called by BC Hydro to pass an IMPORTANT and INVASIVE update about road work for the next two weeks.  Guthrie / Pritchard intersection to Nootka area will be shut down for access when paving starts on Monday Sept 9 (7am – 5pm)  
  • Please travel slowly between our school front and the residential areas if you are detoured. 
  • School start is 8:43 each morning.  Our doors will open at 8:33 with the first bell. 
  • New Web Site - if you are seeing old information, you will need to delete your history on your browser. 
  • New communication protocol – our staff, including school board office staff, are trying something different to better respect home / family time in the evening / weekend.  No messages will come out from the school / teachers between 6pm on Friday and 6am on Monday.  If any are received, they will be addressed on Monday.  The only exception from the school will be emergency notifications, like snow closures. 
  • Environmental awareness – to give parents better heads up about what your child is consuming during the day, and how much, all uneaten food, including wrappers and disposable containers will be returned home.  We have tried to help students with their responsibility for washing of recyclable containers, but many do not, and end up contaminating the blue bins, so those are coming home, too.  Brooklyn is adopting a “Pack In Pack Out” philosophy starting Sept 4, 2019 as part of our teaching around environmental sustainability and stewardship.  Teachers will be sending home info about their teaching to help you. 
  • Indigenous Education - The Indigenous Program here at Brooklyn Elementary is available Monday to Friday during regular school hours and is open to all students of indigenous ancestry; this ancestry can be determined on a voluntary basis through self-identification and includes status, non-status, metis or Inuit ancestry and may extend several generations back in your family history. For additional information and questions please contact: 

Cheryl Graham 

Indigenous Support Worker - Brooklyn 

Phone: 250 339-2232  


  • Picture Day is coming on Monday, September 23.  
    Order your pictures on using your Picture Day ID which can be found on your Picture Day order form. Forms will be sent home to families next week. in advance - Picture Day ID: QO029121Q0 
  • Hot lunch / Salad bar order info will come out soon.  Plan is to start lunches the 4th week of Sept. 

Again, Welcome back and we look forward to starting the new year with you and your children.  Please keep in touch with your teacher(s) about any concerns or questions you have.