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Executive Members - 2018-2019


contact pac - brooklynexec@gmail.com 


Chairperson     Jim Wright

Vice-Chair        Megan Cowling

Treasurer         Cameron Morris

Secretary         Lisa Urch

DPAC Rep​        Brooke Finlayson

Hot Lunch             Kristen Lewall


Information ideas:

  • for volunteering questions or PAC questions, contact brooklynexec@gmail.com or brooklynpacvolunteer@gmail.com
  • for PAC-related info visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BrooklynElementaryPAC/
  • for school related info, visit our school webpage
  • to order hot lunch, go to brooklyn.hotlunches.net to register your children (must create new account each year).  The access code is BLHL.  Cheques, money orders or PayPayl will be accepted.  Please make cheques out to Brooklyn PAC​
  • for personal, school-related or student questions, contact your teacher or the school office staff.

if you wonder what we do or if you are interested in becoming part of the executive - see the job list below :)


PAC minutes:


May 2019 PAC meeting Minutes​

April 2019 PAC meeting minutes​

​​january 2019 PAC meeting minutes​